Compass Protocol provides a path towards establishing order in a decentralized world.
In a decentralized world that extends into the metaverse, the key element of mutual confidence is fundamentally lacking.
In a world where judicial systems or regulations do not apply, users are inevitably exposed to potential threats; without a clear rule of law or distinction between victims and suspects, it becomes difficult to obtain justice.
There is no way of identifying criminals, hiding behind the mask of an avatar. Illicit activities such as money laundering, hacking, and fraud are prevalent through the misuse of decentralized finance (DeFi) and non-fungible token (NFT) applications.
Decentralized ideology does not distinguish good from evil. The ideology of decentralized technology states that it is each individual's responsibility to avoid falling victim to malicious attacks.
However, Compass Protocol believes that even those who strongly believe in this ideology of decentralization will need someone to help them when they are in trouble.
Last modified 1yr ago