Protocol Overview

The Compass Protocol solution.

Compass Protocol offers the following services to address the challenges faced by Web 3.0 users today.

KYC Registration

Compass verifies the user's identity through its KYC process. After identity verification, a digital identity certificate gets issued as an NFT with a unique serial number. User information is encrypted and stored in the Protocol, while the NFT displays only the relevant serial number. This allows users to continue to operate in the Web 3.0 ecosystem while maintaining their privacy in the face of the evolving regulatory environment.

AML Verification

Compass performs real-time AML verification on the user's wallet. This process checks for the wallet's association with any other wallets owned by malicious actors and any suspicious transactions and activities.

On-Chain Analysis and Incident Response

Compass can perform on-chain data analysis and provide a certain level of relief, where users fall victim to malicious incidents such as scams, hacking, or phishing.

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